For My fellow Puerto Ricans Abroad


I have been felling a little bit nostalgic about Puerto Rico today.  I love my island, with all its ups and downs.  It is hard for me to imagine living anywhere else.   Found a song on YouTube that I dedicate to all Puerto Ricans that live abroad.  Hope you all enjoy.

Click here to listen to :

En Mi Viejo San Juan by Noel Estrada interpretado por Pedro Rivera Toledo

Puerto Rico Street Art By Haydee Yordan


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  1. I’m just wondering because I’ve met some black puerto ricans that consider themselves black and associate more with the african american community and others that are very proud of their background. So I just want to know what do they check on applications Black or Latino? I’m not being racist here. I’m puerto rican and I look mixed. I consider myself Latino of course because I’m proud of my culture. I just want to know what my fellow Afro-latinos think.

    • Many Puerto Ricans have this problem. I am on the lighter shade and always mark latino but other on the darker shade may mark black. The problems stems that puerto rican are a mixed race. Our ancestors were taino indians, spaniard and slaves. We come in all shades. It is a very personal decision and depends on the individual and how they view themselves. Technically Puerto Ricans are latinos.

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