Football Playoffs, My New Best Friend


Why do you ask ?, it is distracting my husband and he is not nagging too much about me not doing my housework.

Generally I hate football.  If I can’t sleep all I have to do is watch some football and I’m out like a light in 5 minutes or less.  I just find the game boring with all the plays and rulings and the injuries.  Cant stand it, the is until its playoffs season.  When the playoffs start, I start relaxing and doing one of my many hobbies.  On Super Bowl Sunday I enjoy making chili and hot wings for the family and spending time with my hubby.  With this year with Tebow mania I’m actually enjoy watching the game.

Ladies, when you want some time to yourself and don’t want a nagging husband on your back, just wait until playoff season, be it football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, any sport will do.  Use this time that your hubby is immerse in the game to sit back and have fun.  But remember once its over he will come with a vengeance so enjoy it while you can.

My husband is an amazing man, he has his mood and can be a bother with me not doing all the chores on his time table.  His and mine differ a bit.  I love him, God knows I do, its just that I have my highs and low moods.  Right now I’m at a low and mellow mood.  My laziness works in cycles, sometimes I don’t what to do anything and other times I’m in a working spirit.  Im doing stuff, just not all at once.  Today I did the dishes and wash some clothes.  Tomorrow I’ll fold some laundry and light house cleaning.

P.S.  I think I’m loosing the battle against laundry.  Just when I think I’m finished, the mountain of clothes comes back.  Aaaahhhhhh !!!!!



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