Crochet Hook Clutch !!!


If your like me, your crochet hooks are all bunched up in some pouch in a big mess.  Well I’m fed up with that mess.  Did a quick search on the net ( I’m not going rack my brain figuring out how to do it because somebody probably already has) and found this cute site Little Birdie Secrets they have a great easy to follow tutorial with pics. Here is the link to the tutorial Crochet Hook Clutch  .

Hopefully I’ll get around to making it.  As soon as I’m finish I promise I will post a pic of the end result…


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  1. I started a project with a plastic crochet hook size 5.5mm and it broke, I have a aluminum hook size 5.50mm is this the same? The stitches look the same but I was just wondering what the difference between the two were.

    • The only diference between them is the material they are made of. I use aluminum hooks too. Just remember to be careful with your yarn tension. Too tight the pattern will come out small, too loose it will be to big and yarn will not take the shape right.

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