It’s cold outside 


Sleepy Saturday is here and it’s a chilly day in the tropics (Puerto Rico). I am in the mood for a nice hot bowl of soup.  I found this wonton soup recipe and just looking at it warms me up. 

What is your favorite go to dish to warm you up?


I made the wonton soup and turned out awesome. Here are some pics.  

Preparing the wonton

Making the broth 

Made it with ground turkey 

Decided to steame some of the

Looking good

Finish dish. I kinda overcooked it a bit but it was still good. 


It’s Three Kings Day !!!


Well it’s 6:45am and my kids have woken me up to get their presents. There is a mixture of sleepiness and excitement. I love watching my kids open their gifts. Once the gifts are open I am quickly forgotten and they’re off to play. I am left wide awake with nothing to do. 

Lightbulb !!!! 💡 

I will try a new recipe today. The real question is which one?

Relleno de papa ( stuffed potato balls)

Chinese egg noodles 

Handmade ramen noodles

Rice cooker chocolate lava cake 

I would love to try them all.  I’ll decide later. For now I will try and take a quick nap and enjoy my last day of Christmas vacation. 

Christmas in Puerto Rico


Christmas gone too fast?  Guess what ? Not for me. Puerto Rico has one of the longest Christmas season in the world.  We joyously celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, but for us Christmas doesn’t end there. We also celebrate Epiphany or as we call it Three Kings Day on January 6th. 

That is when we celebrate the three wise men visit to baby Jesus. On January 5th children fill shoeboxes with grass and put them either under their beds or under the tree. The three wise men visit all the boys and girls during the night and while the camels rest and eat some grass the wise men leave present for the children. 

So if you want your holiday season to really last come and visit Puerto Rico. 

Check out this article from USA Today Travel. 

How do you celebrate this holiday season in your home?  

First day 2016🎉


Yesterday I was asked what was my New Years resolution. My answer ” I have none, I have New Years wishes”. 

My main wish is to be a better person. To love myself more and not let the opinion of others define me. To leave toxic relationships behind. To let my geek out. To be a better mother, wife, sister, friend, homemaker.  To love more. To play more. To do more. 

 I know I can make my wishes come true. 

What are you New Years wishes?  

Geek Rican


May 24, 2014 I went to the Puerto Rico Comic Con and I was in geek heaven. It’s the one place I don’t feel out of place of different. The one place I felt that I belong. I went with my hubby but he looked to me out of place. He was just there to accompany me. Did not have the same level of enthusiasm as I did. Next time I think I’ll leave him at home and take a fellow geek with me.